Tax Planning

Payroll ServicesDuring these difficult times, even successful clients are looking increasingly to ways of reducing costs. With taxes inevitably on the increase, Exceed with their associates are able to advise both companies and individuals on ways in which they can minimise their tax burden.

We will work alongside the clients’ existing advisers to provide a fully integrated solution from initial discussions through to implementation, disclosure and defence. All our leading edge strategies are subject to a rigorous quality control procedure starting with robust opinions from leading Tax Counsel.

The service we provide includes:
  • Creation – we work alongside leading Tax Counsel to create solutions attractive to both individuals and businesses, aimed at mitigating exposure to UK taxes
  • Implementation – with HMRC’s first and easiest line of attack being to challenge imperfect implementation, robust quality control procedures are essential in securing a positive outcome. Our tax associates provide a dedicated team to closely monitor the implementation process, and to ensure that clients and their advisers are guided every step of the way. In this regard we offer:
    • Noobligationdiscussions/meetingswiththeclientandtheiradvisers;
    • Rigorous and timely implementation including liaison with third parties (eg trustees, solicitors, bank etc);
    • Provision of disclosure reports advising on disclosure in company and personal tax returns, accounts and P11Ds;
    • Review of tax returns and accounts if requested to ensure correct disclosure;
  • Defence – being involved from start to finish is essential in ensuring mutual trust between the providers, the clients and their advisers. Exceed and our advisors ensure that the enquiry process is fully explained from the outset and that clients receive our full support throughout the progression of the investigation.

If you are interested in finding out more about the strategies we have available please contact us on 01784 439 955.