Tax Investigations

Payroll ServicesHMRC is expected to increase its enquiry efforts in 2010. Years of turmoil and re-organisation are coming to an end. The economic downturn has reduced the normal tax take leading to pressure for more yield.

In April 2009 new intrusive information powers became available to Inspectors – they will be expected to use them. And the New Disclosure Opportunity, which will run from autumn 2009 to March 2010, is billed as the last chance for people with undisclosed tax liabilities to come forward.

In this climate specialist tax investigation expertise becomes even more important in delivering the best possible result for clients.

With our associates, our Tax Investigation services include:
  • Dealing with Specialist Investigations of HMRC and Civil Investigation of Fraud enquiries including full reports.
  • Managing disclosures under the New Disclosure Opportunity
  • Resolving a variety of HMRC enquiries
  • Defending tax planning
  • Reviewing implementation of tax planning – for planning to work implementation must be perfect
  • Reviewing corporate residences – is that company still resident overseas?
  • Negotiation of settlements with HMRC
  • Advice and support on appeals, discovery, information powers, penalties and Tribunal hearings

Exceed (UK) Ltd with its associates are flexible in how we support clients and advise in dealing with HMRC. We will take on the working of an enquiry until resolution, our associate engaging directly with the client. Alternatively we can advise on the conduct of the enquiry in the background or be engaged to handle a specific item like a meeting, a penalty demand or a Tribunal hearing. .

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