Employment Services

We offer different integrated solutions


If you are a high value professional, we have alternative structures that may be of assistance to your unique situation.

Please contact us for a one to one discussion.


Employment Services Due to its specialised nature we, through our associates, offer an approach allowing you to take control over your mandatory legal obligations with regard to employee relations.

Our human resource system of associates offer a team of qualified employment lawyers and consultants, with on-line documents and policies that really work for your business in your particular market.

Their aim is to protect you today and guide you tomorrow...

Delivering real benefits to your business:
  • Access to 24/7 advice and support as and when needed
  • Protection from business threatening employee claims
  • Removal of the problems (and associated stress) from your desk allowing you to focus on core profit making opportunities
  • Staffed by Qualified and Regulated Solicitors
  • Several reasons to call to guarantee insurance

Employment Services 2It doesn't cost that much for genuine peace of mind and protection from the business exposure most employers face now!

For employers we offer the full suite of payroll services, including set up, monthly and year end processing.

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