HMRC Forms (2012)

General and Self- Assessment


  • P11D Expenses Payments and Benefits (2011/12)
  • P11D(b) Return of Class 1A NICs due. Return of expenses and benefits – employer declaration (2011/12)
  • P11DX Dispensation for expenses payments and benefits in kind
  • FBI 2 Authorising your agent to use PAYE Online Services (Internet)
  • P9D - Return of expenses payments and income from which tax cannot be deducted (2011/12)
  • P32 Employer Payment Record
  • P38(S) Student Employees
  • P45 Details of Employee Leaving Work
  • P46 Employee without a form P45
  • P46(Car) Car provided for the private use of an employee or a director
  • P60 End of Year Certificate
  • CA6855 Employees National Insurance Number Trace
  • P16A Simplified Deduction Scheme - employer's report when taking on a new employee
  • SP32 Late claim for recovery of statutory payments or NIC compensation
  • SSP1 Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) and Incapacity Benefit
  • SSP2 Statutory Sick Pay Record Sheet
  • SC2 Employee’s statement of sickness

Limited Companies

  • CT41G (Clubs) Details of Clubs, Societies and Voluntary Associations and other similar bodies
  • Trading and non-trading for Corporation Tax explained
  • CT600 Guide (2008) Version 2 - Company Tax Return Guide

Value Added Tax

  • VAT1 – Application for registration
  • VAT 484 - Change of details – Variations
  • VAT 1614A – Notification of an option to tax land and/or buildings
  • VAT 600FRS - Application to join the Flat Rate Scheme