Management Accounting Services

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure”

Management AccountsOur Management Accounting Service is designed to provide you with a “dashboard” to measure your business. This service provides you with timely information that will help you to monitor and control the financial performance of the businesses - crucial to future growth.

The preparation and production of management accounts is an essential tool in business. Our experienced team will take care of every aspect of your company’s finances and regular reports will give you everything you need to know to monitor and evaluate your company’s performance.

Management reports will give you a complete overview of your company accounts and include:
  • Profit and loss account, revealing the current month and year to date figures, against your set budget (if applicable).
  • Balance sheet - you need to know your business financial position. 
  • Debtors ageing – whether you have any potential bad debts. 
  • Creditors ageing and unpaid bill reports – a system to control supplier payments. 
  • Cash flow statements - where the cash went and came from.
Tailor-Made to support your business

Every business is unique, with varying goals and requirements. We will tailor our management account services to suit your individual needs and will continue to adjust the service as your business grows.

Following our discussions, we will put the perfect solution together for you.

The Benefits of Our Account Management Service

Our Management Accounting service will provide you with an up-to-date picture of your business, and reveal all the areas in which it can be improved. The picture is clear and you will be able to see where your business is profitable and where it might be losing money.

Plus, here are a few more reasons for using Exceed’s Management Account service
  • You are in control of the accounting function and can focus on growing your business.
  • Your cash flow problem areas are highlighted early and you can take action to remedy any issues.
  • If you’re looking to borrow money to build your business, then you MUST have management accounts, because a bank or any lender will always request to see them to support any borrowing facility. 
  • Tax planning is made more efficient as the trading performance is known throughout the year. 
  • If you’re looking to sell your business, then management accounts are the perfect way to prepare for it, particularly during the due diligence phase. An added benefit is that Price Earnings ratios (P/E) that can be achieved are often higher as any prospective purchaser sees a well-controlled business and can easily identify current performance rather than historical figures. 
  • You can quickly identify trends, both good and bad, and act upon them. 
  • If you’re a company director who pays yourself in dividends, effective management accounts are absolutely crucial. Get this wrong, and you could be breaking the law. Our service will prevent this!

Without management accounts, your business will never be in a position to reach its full potential, so why not contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation...