CFO Services

Outsourced CFO Services

Every business owner needs an experienced "wing-man"…

  • Somebody to help you keep an eye on the money side of your business while you focus on the things that make you successful.
  • Somebody to help you make the important business decisions that cross your desk week after week.
  • Somebody for you to bounce investment ideas off and to play in the "Financial Zone" so you can focus on playing to your strengths.

In other words, every business needs a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) – yet most don't need – nor can they afford – to have somebody fill this role full-time.

And that's where our outsourced CFO Services can help you.

Benefit from our CFO Services

When you work with us in the role of CFO, you'll get all the benefits of a CFO that's focused on your success, but you'll only pay for what you need as your business grows.

There are five essential elements of a CFO's role and we can help you manage all of them:

1. Controllership:

Accurate and timely financial statements are critical for business success because the quality of the decisions you make is totally dependent on the quality of the information you rely on. As your CFO, we'll ensure you have access to the quality financial and non-financial information you need to make well informed business decisions.

2. Risk Management:

As your CFO, we'll ensure you have proper internal controls in place to safeguard your assets – especially your cash! Fraud is common in small businesses because they have very poor internal control systems and too few people in key cash-handling and book-keeping roles. Risk management means ensuring you have appropriate insurance coverage for things like, environmental disaster planning and key-man insurance. Other issues like buy-sell agreements need to be taken care of, as does compliance with regulatory requirements such as financial reporting, taxation law, employment law, environmental law and more.
As your CFO, we'll advise you on the best financial structure for your business. We'll help you get the right balance between debt and equity so you can achieve strong tax-effective growth in shareholder value without exposure to an unacceptable level of risk.
As your CFO, we'll help you raise funds and will be your point person for your banking and investor relationships. We'll help you get maximum leverage from the financial resources you have, including, the investment of surplus funds.

3. Financial Planning and Control:

In your role as CEO of your business, you're responsible for developing and implementing a strategic operating plan. You need a capable CFO to advise you on the financial outcomes associated with your plan. As your CFO we'll prepare cash flow and profit projections that link to your sales and expense projections. We'll work with you to monitor and modify these every month just like the "big guys". We'll take on the role of financial coach to help you keep you on target.

4. Business Financial Health:

The financial condition of your business is a matter of life and death. As your CFO, one of our roles is to keep your business in good financial health. This is not just about being profitable. It's about having enough cash to pay your bills when they're due and having the financial resources to grow as fast as you can. Most small businesses don't give attention to this critical function and that's why most fail.

5. Succession Planning, Mergers and Acquisitions:

Successful business owners are always thinking about "the final transaction." Asking questions like…

  • What is your business worth? Who is likely to want to acquire it either through a merger or straight acquisition? What do you need to do strategically and operationally to ensure that your business will stand rigorous due diligence by a potential acquirer? How can a sale be structured most tax effectively?
  • Even if you aren't planning to sell your business in the foreseeable future, what management development and succession plan do you have in place for your employees (including your children)?
  • What would happen to your family's financial position if you or other key employees are unable to continue working for health reasons? What advice do you need if you are considering expansion through a merger or acquisition?

Our outsourced CFO services will help you get the financial management and measurement you need to maximise the potential in your business.

Your Management Control Plan is the key to controlling and directing your business. It's the glue that holds it all together.

Talk with us today about the role we can play in helping you take your business to the next level.