Exsa Imports Limited

Exsa Imports is a low cost operation and the office is at Spitalfields Market in London. This enables them to see all products on a daily basis and keep their fingers on the pulse of a fast moving market. More importantly it enables them to give our suppliers real time information. Exsa South Africa has a trademark agreement with Exsa Imports. Exsa UK also trades fruit from other international suppliers. Here the experienced team of Steve Smith and Paul Haynes does a great job of representing Exsa’s interests in the UK. “We have the market leading brand of “EXSA” grape from South Africa which we supply to our UK clients, but we also import from over 15 different countries around the world with a range of products which includes grapes, citrus, top fruit and salad products,” explains Paul Haynes. “We work closely and transparently with our growers sharing technical knowledge, we now have the “EXSA” brand packed in 5 different countries. We have excellent grower base and can deliver their products in a cost effective and professional manner to the English market.”


  • Country: South Africa, United Kingdom