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Shareholder Agreements

Shareholder Agreements

We understand that in the excitement of setting out in a new venture the emphasis is upon growing the business.

As your trusted business partner, we already play a key role in assisting you in achieving your business objectives but are able to keep an objective distance from your day to day activities.

This places us in an ideal position to assist you in understanding the risk of either not having a Shareholder Agreement or having a Shareholder Agreement that does not adequately address the following issues:

  • What happens to my shares if I die?
  • Will my business be sold to pay for IHT?
  • What happens if I cannot make a business decision?
  • What happens if a shareholder gets divorced and shares have to be sold as part of the settlement?
  • What if a shareholder dies without making a will?
  • What if a shareholder is made bankrupt?
  • What happens if a shareholder starts work for a competitor?
  • What happens if a business is to be sold but a shareholder will not sell?
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Simply contact us today and we will arrange an initial appointment to assess your requirements. If you wish to proceed, we will act swiftly in provisioning your Shareholder Agreement and the associated Legacy Planning as appropriate.

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