March 2013 – UK budget Summary 2013

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March 2013 - UK Budget Summary 2013 

The Government’s objective is to equip the UK to succeed in the global race, build a stronger economy and a fairer society and to support aspiration. This Budget will help those who aspire to work hard and get on, care for their families, buy a home, start or grow a business and save for retirement.

The UK economy is recovering from the biggest financial crisis in generations, one of the deepest recessions of any major economy and a decade of growth built on unsustainable levels of debt. The Government’s plan for the economy, first set out in June Budget 2010, is based on:

• fiscal responsibility to deal with our debts with a credible deficit reduction plan;
• monetary activism to support demand and keep interest rates low; and
• supply-side reform to help businesses create jobs and deliver lasting prosperity.